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NEOVAC® D         

Canine Distemper Vaccine  – Modified Live VirusBuy Now


  • Core Disease Protection
    Induces protection against the most lethal and prevalent respiratory viral disease of dogs, canine distemper virus.
  • Maximum Protection
    Contains a High Antigen Mass (more vaccine units per dose) which results in:

    • Short period from vaccination to protection
    • Higher level of protection (many times greater than the level needed for basic protection)
    • Long duration of immunity
  • Early Age Protection
    Stimulates antibody production in the presence of existing maternal antibodies
  • First Dose Protection
    Antibody production begins after the first dose.  Other canine distemper virus vaccines require 2 or 3 doses to stimulate an initial antibody response.
  • Single Antigen Vaccine
    The only modified live straight canine distemper vaccine available in the United States.  It is more efficient in stimulating canine distemper virus antibody production than complex combination vaccines; therefore eliminating the need to use complex combination adult vaccines (commonly referred to as 5-way vaccines) in young puppies.
  • Dog Safety
    • Safe for use in young puppies
    • No post–vaccination shedding of canine distemper virus; therefore, no chance of vaccine induced disease
    • Less likely to produce a vaccine reaction than complex combination vaccines
  • Ferret Studied

    • Not virulent in ferrets as determined by standards set forth in 9CFR 113.306.
    • No post-vaccination shedding of canine distemper virus; therefore, no chance of vaccine induced disease.
  • Convenient Packaging
    Packaged in a carton of 25 single dose vials of vaccine

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